Vince Gill Confronts Members Of Westboro Church At His Show

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Vince Gill‘s concert on Sunday night in Kansas City, Missouri became the target of demonstrators from the Westboro Baptist Church. The controversial group were picketing the show because they say Vince is an adulterer because he got a divorce years ago from his first wife and eventually got remarried to Amy Grant. Well, Vince didn’t back down. He actually confronted the protestors out on the sidewalk, telling them he ‘came out to see what hatred really looked like in the face.”

One protestor, who videotaped the encounter said, “Don’t you know that divorce plus remarriage equals adultery?” Vince quickly said, “Don’t you know that (you) are lucky that you don’t have the sign that says something about my wife?” He also asked the demonstrators, “Are any of you guys Phelps?” referring to Westboro pastor Fred Phelps, adding, “Or are you guys like, The C-Team?”

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