Cold Justice

     I’ve always been a true crime follower after learning of the mass killings by R. Gene Simmons which started three days before Christmas in 1987. These occurred in Russellville, Arkansas which is a couple of hours away from Ft. Smith, where I was living at the time. At 11years of age, I had no idea the events that were unfolding would start the desire to truly understand the reasons why people do what they do. But, more importantly wanting to learn how law enforcement, f


rom the officers first on the scenes to the prosecution, hopefully bringing justice and closure.
    We have all seen the scripted drama and the reality shows taking us through the anatomy of the crime and usually ending with a positive outcome. Yet, we also know of the cold cases that linger and torment the loved ones left behind. I know of one case from Ft. Smith right now that has people scratching their heads and craving some information that’ll lead them to the answers and arrests they need.
     This need and hope for these,  answers could very well come from the new reality show from crime guru Dick Wolf. His latest creation is Crime Justice on TNT. I can’t believe how not only does it satisfy my evolution of a crime but, the follow up of the punishment phase. While watching, the viewer does develop an emotional interest in the surviving family members and their pain.
     Of the first three episodes thus far, it is the case of Mattie Williams that convinced me how much potential this show has in helping those affected by homicide. Miss Mattie was found in a wooded area not far from her Collinston, Louisiana home dead. She’d been hit in the head with an object which left a quite unusual wound pattern and then stabbed in the neck.
     Her murder was not only a shock to her 13 children but, the members of her tight knit, tiny community. This was a woman who had very little yet, would give to anyone in need. These people needed answers and closer for the great loss they’ve suffered.
    There were two suspects back in the day but, with minimal evidence it went no where. However, this case was brought to former Texas prosecutor Kelly Siegler and former Las Vegas crime scene investigator Yolanda McClary. With the experience and knowledge of these two, it is clear that they could make a major difference in gathering more information to possibly bring the offender or offenders to justice.
    Not only were Ziegler and McClary able to figure out the order of the attack on Mattie Williams, but they were able to find a piece of evidence that had been laying out in plain sight for seven years! After all this time, this case has been brought full circle.
     So if on a Tuesday evening your need for true crime arises. You’re  interested in not only seeing excellent homicide investigations but, experiencing real emotional connection.  I absolutely and wholeheartedly  recommended Cold Justice. It will be worth the hour you spend. You might even know of an unsolved case that needs a jump
start like I did and send in the information for possible resolve.


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